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Welcome to One In Christ Church

"We would like to welcome you to our Church, a place where you can be who you are yet live according to God’s word and relevant to the present age yet not compromising the faith. The church exists to reach out for people who have not yet experienced the salvation. Jesus is offering, he said, to those who are weary, He will give rest; to those who are lost He will give direction and to those whose lives are shattered He will give a brand new life. God has promised not to harm us but to prosper us, to give us hope and the future. Our desire is for the people of the church to be blessed and henceforth, be a blessing to the community, the nation and the rest of the world. We believe in the power of God to transform everyone who have accepted Jesus in their hearts and make Him the Lord of their lives. You can search the whole world and you can be just as before until you find the longing of your soul. Try JESUS!"

− Pastor Mario Malibiran Jr. & Rowena Malibiran

"We, in One In Christ church is a group of believers that believes in the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. As a Pastor and leader, we have that passion to love people and lead them to Christ. God gave us the mission statement which is: To promote the 'No compromise' quality of christian living by being an example to the believers' We would love to see peoples' changed lives because of of the preaching of the Word. We believed that God has a purpose for every person not only to know that there is God but to have an intimate relationship with the Creator. We also minister to others through prayer, counselling and offering whatever the needs that may help them. People after they experience God personally, we love to see them grow in their relationship with God and help them get the direction from God so that they can share it to others. Please visit our church where we can welcome you personally, make you feel at home, be part of the family of God. God bless you all!"

− Pastor Jess Malibiran & Lanie Malibiran


We are a Church with a passion for people. Reaching the unreached, saving the lost, healing the sick and restoring the broken for His glory in the Name of Jesus. We are on a mission to share His goodness to others.

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God is always doing something new, something amazing, something well-worth experiencing within the Church. Check out our upcoming events and join us in fellowship. See first-hand what God is doing in our Church.

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Hungry for the Word? Click below to download the latest Podcast from our library. We always make sure that this page stays updated on a regular basis so that there’s no excuse for you to miss out on God’s message.


"There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus."

− Galatians 3:28